A New Reality

Erin has a refreshingly wonderful way of being present and engaged. She stood with me as I struggled to rebrand myself. Erin was able to help me explore who I was becoming, and what I would stand for. She challenged me to imagine my new reality. This insight has catapulted me beyond my traveling fears, out of a stagnant job and into a life that honors my true self. Thank you Erin.

Grateful Parent

I am grateful to you and humbled by your dedication to helping young people navigate the precarious teen years. You are a treasure. 

Be Your Best Self

Erin's laid back vibe made working with her immediately comfortable. This, combined with her continual encouragement and support, made meeting with her feel more like meeting with a motivational friend who is always there to help you become the best person you can be!

When I met Erin, I'd been in college for 7 years working towards an engineering degree. Erin worked with me to put together a plan to get credits/graduation requirements in order to be able to successfully finish my engineering degree less than two years later.

While giving practical support to help attain tangible goals, Erin also offered friendly, emotional support that helped me take steps towards repairing family relationships and managing friends expectations. I am so grateful for all of the care and encouragement Erin has provided me over the years!

New Grad, Plus Some