"So, you're following your dream?"
"No one does that!"
Well, ... why not?

I did everything I “should” - finish high school, go to college, panic, choose a degree - any degree! , graduate promptly in four years & get a job. My degree was neither a passion nor a challenge, but I had a diploma… that all-important, validating piece of paper. Hello, world! 

My first year out of college, I worked in a miserable job. The first day brought tears & a dreadful feeling that I had made a huge mistake. Advice-givers suggested I stay a year to build experience & my resume. So, I complied, turning in my resignation almost exactly 365 days later. I moved from one entry-level position to another, finally determining that my corporate experience was leading me down one of two possible paths. Gratefully, I had the opportunity to try both directions, but found that neither was satisfying. I faced a crisis. 

What should I do with my life? More importantly - What do I WANT to do with my life? (Sound familiar?)

Instead of trying a new company or a new position, I looked inward & began a journey of self-discovery to uncover my true passions. I didn't wallow or wish away the days, as I had done before. Rather, I began to pursue the answer to the question, "What DO I want?"  

I began to LIVE

I finally stopped making excuses & started doing things I always wished I had - pursuing my love of travel, volunteering with students & writing. With each new experience, I grew, met new people, walked through opened doors & followed the new path that appeared before me. Every bit of that experience led me to form LifeEmergent because, through that process, my true, authentic life emerged. 

When I announced my resignation & told people I was starting my own business, the reaction was often the same. They were extremely surprised, some were jealous, but most were in awe that I had chosen to walk away from a lucrative position to follow the passions that I had uncovered. Their surprise & shock somewhat saddened me. Why don't more people follow their dreams? Well, because we don't know what they are. We don't know how. We are afraid. 

The beginning of this journey was daunting. My emotions ran the gamut, but I pressed on & the results were unexpectedly phenomenal. 

Here's a little secret - I didn't do it alone. 

I did the work, but I had help. I had support - coaches, cheerleaders, confidants, advocates, challengers, shoulders to cry on, friends, believers. Each one helped me take just one more step, see a possibility I was missing or celebrate an accomplished goal. I am grateful for those that have continued to encourage & walk with me. 

If you are willing, I would be honored to walk beside you. 

Meet your Coach

 Erin MacDermut, CALC

Erin MacDermut, CALC

Erin MacDermut, North Carolina native & graduate of Appalachian State University, spent over 15 years in customer service & sales for printing, advertising & marketing resource companies. Trying her hand at all those industries had to offer, she decided to look inward to find her true passion & discovered that the time she spent outside of the "9 to 5" environment better reflected who she was as a person. Beyond her day to day business activities, Erin traveled, mentored high school & college students & began writing about her wild & hysterical experiences. Once her true passions were defined, she set out to find a way to do what she loved full time.

The core of her corporate experience was connecting with people & helping them accomplish their goals. Erin now uses those skills, in addition to her coach training from Raleigh Coaching Academy, to build relationships via personal coaching. LifeEmergent was established in 2014 with the purpose of helping people discover, pursue & succeed in living out their dreams. The Results - Authentic & Fulfilled Lives.

Other fun facts: Erin is tall enough to ride the rides at Disney - but just barely, has a dog named Maggie, loves zombies & St. Patrick's Day, has a weakness for chai lattes & great food, claims to be fearless until a roach or a camel cricket appears, throws a great party, always says "YES!" to a new adventure & has never met a stranger! And, she is ready to meet YOU!